This Study Guide will host Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) as well as other categories of questions.  It will include questions that do not require detailed explanations or those that can be answered simply with referral links to Topic Study Guides for further information.

These questions will include those such as the location of certain Scriptures or the names of Biblical characters, or a definition of a word or concept, etc based on Bible Scripture.

General questions will be answered according to Topic Category with Scriptures based on applicability.

Questions which do not have adequate Scriptures will be found in the >> Thinking Out Loud Blog <<

The format is displayed as Thematic Topic Study Guides.

The questions will typically have short Biblical responses. To assure the conformity desired, for general questions each  CHRISTOLOGY SERIES ARTICLE will have a question form which will be sent by the Comment form. The responses will be posted in this Study Guide. 

This is a serious Study Guide and I do not desire questions and comments posted by those who are either posting for the sake of debate or those which are anti-christ, argumentative, derogatory or nonsensical in nature. Also, I do not respond to inquiries about  denominations of religions and their Dogma or Creed.

I believe every serious question deserves a response and I can not honestly determine when a person may be in earnest or not. So, I will not make that judgment initially.

Some questions, on the surface, may appear as being a ridiculous inquiry, however, for all intended purposes that individual may be in a place where they wonder about such things that seem impossible to them because they do not understand the Scriptures or they may have never read the Scriptures for themselves.  I have reserved this Study Guide  for these type of questions as well as FAQs.  In this manner I do not have to judge their intent.  I will simply respond as the Scripture dictates.

On occasion I will create a list of similar questions or summarize questions that are similar or questions that may fall under the same topic.  If a person reads a response and feels that a short reply or the summarized response has not answered their question adequately, they are free to submit the question again or as many times as necessary to evoke a different response. They must, however, submit the question framed differently.  We do ask that individuals think and frame their question(s) before submitting it.

Correct spelling is the only change that will be made to the inquiries submitted.  

Please send your questions in the Comment form below.